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High Pressure Pump

High Pressure

We are the official pump supplier for Hawk International and HPP Pumps in South Africa. In addition, we represent other well-known brands.

High Pressure Washer

High Pressure

An extensive range of high pressure washers are available. They are locally manufactured & designed to suit the tough South African Market.

Drain Cleaning Trailer

Drain & Sewer Pressure Washers

Our range of drain and sewer cleaning units include mobile and trailer mounted chassis. They are usually custom designed to suit the application.

Industrial Spray Nozzles

Industrial Spray Nozzles

We offer a wide range of industrial spray nozzles to suit most applications. They are available in a variety of materials and can be custom-designed.

Mining Equipment

Specialised Mining Equipment

Together with our local partners, we have designed stope water jetters and hydro-power packs for drilling applications in mines.

Emergency Safety Shower

Emergency Safety Showers

Our Safety showers and eye wash stations are simple to install and easy to operate. They are used to reduce the risks of exposure to harmful chemicals.

Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless Paint

We manufacture a range on airless paint sprayers for industrial applications. In addition, we import a range of electric airless paint sprayers.

Road Marker

Road & Line

The LinePro is an ideal tool for the marking of roads, car parks and similar areas. The Sportys are popular for sports field marking and marking of factory floors.

Durban Tel Lines

Please note we are having issues with our telephone lines at the Durban office. Please use this number to contact us:

(031) 830-7800

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Custom Design

Hawk have an enviable reputation for being able to custom design solutions for local problems. All equipment is manufactured at the Durban factory where quality and practicality are always considered. The resulting solutions are designed to be robust enough for the tough African market.