Hawk has a range of boiler cleaning equipment including high pressure washers and accessories.

In the video clip, a Hawk 3/27-500 High Pressure Washer is being used by the operator to remove the deposits that have built up over time in the tubes of this boiler system.

By cleaning the tubes with a high pressure washer, production and heat transfer efficiency can be maintained.

Why it is necessary to clean boiler tubes and pipes?

Boiler Cleaning EquipmentTubes are typically smaller in diameter than pipes. Tubes are usually grouped together for the purpose of transferring heat. Examples of this type of equipment are Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Fin Fans, Condensers, Steam Generators and other piping systems.

The medium that is being heated causes deposits to be made on the inside of the tubes and this deposit build up (e.g. soot, scale) “thickens” the inside wall of the tube. This causes a number of problems: the diameter of the tube is made smaller so less of the medium travels down the pipe decreasing efficiency; “thicker” walls reduces heat transfer to the medium so that desired temperatures are not reached; and deposit build up can eventually cause blockages.

By cleaning the tubes with a high pressure washer, production and heat transfer efficiency can be maintained. Special nozzles can be fitted to a length of  hose. These nozzles, by jetting water backwards, pull the hose forward and feeds it through the tube, cleaning as it goes.

Standard Boiler Cleaning Equipment
















Customized Boiler Cleaning Equipment

Trailer washers vary as they are customized to suit the clients specific requirements.


Connected to any standard high pressure washer, the HotBox can convert your cold water unit into a hot water washer this is ideal for more heavy-duty car wash applications

Car Wash Machine HotBox

Ideal for car washing applications where it is necessary to apply thick volumes of foam. Available as a mobile unit or wall mounted unit. (Requires a compressor)

Car Wash Machine Compressed Air Foamer

Attached directly to the high pressure unit to create apply chemicals and create foam – used with a Foaming Lance

Car Wash Machine Chemical Injector

Attached directly to the gun, the foaming lance assists in creating foam – used in conjunction with a Chemical Injector.

Car Wash Machine Foaming Lance

Required for cleaning the interior of vehicles

Car Wash Machine Vacuum Cleaners

Available in as single or double booms, these accessories assist in preventing hoses form banging against vehicles in a car wash

Car Wash Machine Overhead Hose Booms

By not having your hose lying around, being damaged by heavy equipment or passing traffic, its life can be significantly increased. Hose Reels are ideal for fixed installations such as car wash bays

Car Wash Machine Hose Reel

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Custom Design

Hawk have an enviable reputation for being able to custom design solutions for local problems. All equipment is manufactured at the Durban factory where quality and practicality are always considered. The resulting solutions are designed to be robust enough for the tough African market.

Our Guarantee

Precision engineering and the use of high quality materials have enabled Hawk in South Africa to give a comprehensive guarantee to cover their products. A full one year’s warranty covers the workmanship and materials against defects (excluding wear and tear items) on all manufactured units.

Non-foaming Oil

Hawk Non-Foaming OilHawk Oil has been developed in conjunction with a leading oil manufacturer for the Hawk range of high pressure piston pumps. The Hawk oil is non-foaming, thereby reducing the amount of bubbles in the oil, and the amount of air in the bearings. This in turn increases the lubricating properties of the oil. The lack of emulsifiers in the oil reduces its ability to become milky in humid conditions.