Hot Water High Pressure Washer

Truck mounted High Pressure Washer

Hawk Pumps was commissioned to custom design this rather slim and sleek looking machine for a mine in Mozambique.

Designed for hot water cleaning of earth moving equipment on the mines, this high pressure washer is capable of removing stubborn dirt and grease.

This hot water high pressure washer was built on a skid chassis which was designed to fit onto the back of a bowser truck which has a 8000L tank. A NHD1520HYR Hawk pump with a connection to fit a hydraulic motor was used. In addition the pressure washer unit was fitted with a diesel generator to run the HotBox.

The output of this hot water high pressure washer is 15 liters a minute at 200 bar. Furthermore it can reach a water temperature of maximum 65°C.

Features of Hot Water High Pressure Washer

  • NHD1520HYR Hawk High Pressure Pump
  • 22CC Hydraulic Motor
  • 4KVA Diesel Generator
  • 230V Boiler
  • 20m High Pressure Hose on a Retractable Hose Reel
  • Gun, Lance and Nozzle
  • Chemical Injector Kit with Foaming Lance

NHD1520HYR Hawk Pump with 5/8" hollow shaft for coupling to hydraulic motor

Hawk Pump

Retractable Hose Reel

Hose Reel