Hawk has developed two specific products for the mining industry:

Mining Stope Water Jetter from Hawk Pumps

Hawk has redesigned the traditional stope water jetter to be far more economical in terms of water and power usage as well as to make the transporting and maintenance of the machines easier and more practical. They have technology that only allows the machine to run when the gun is opened.

The washers deliver 154 l/min at up to 100 bar and move large rocks with ease. The monocoque chassis casings are opened by means of strong latches, which remove the need for tools to make the electrical and mechanical equipment entirely accessible. The covers are inter-changeable and the base is sloped to allow winching over rough terrain.

Key benefits of Stope Water Jetter

Key Benefits of Stope Water Jetter

Chassis with monocoque design

  • Components are situated in a strong deep-pan bottom with front and back sloping sides for easy winching
  • When lids are removed, all electrical & mechanical equipment is entirely accessible
  • Inter-changeable cover shells with strong over-centre latches
  • Both lids are identical & reversible so that they can be refitted in no particular order
  • Latches hold the covers together and eliminate the need for tools for removal

Pump delivers less water at higher pressure

  • It uses more of the available power of the 30kW motor (29kW instead of 26kW)
  • The jet effectively does the work while water consumption is reduced by 25%

Other pump benefits

  • Has single block head instead of 4 – less possibility of leaks & less effort to service
  • There is access to the valves without having to remove the head from the crankcase. The valves can be serviced while the pumps is still in the machine
  • 6 valves instead of 12 resulting in less possibility of failure and less cost to replace
  • Double “V” high pressure seals last longer and require less maintenance
  • Low pressure seals made from Teflon & carbon graphite which is resistant to shrinking after long storage periods
  • Hardened plunger rod is resistant to scoring – less chance of oil leaks from crankcase seals
  • New self-aligning spherical roller bearings require no shimming of bearing housings
  • Die-cast aluminum crankcase with reinforcement ribs means less chance of porosity with an increase in strength

Direct coupling of pump & motor

  • The use of a tyre coupler makes it easier to disassemble & reassemble as there is no need to align and tension belts & pulleys
  • The lack of belt tension lengthens the life of the pump shaft and crankcase bearings

Pressure switches

  • The pressure switch for the inlet water under-pressure and output water over pressure are now situated in a horizontal casing with latches fixing the lid (no bolts)
  • Connections are even easier to access than before

 New unloader valve reduces power consumption

  • Water pressure is controlled by an unloader valve
  • When the gun is closed this allows the pump to run under no pressure, reducing heat build-up and power usage

Flow switch

  • When the gun is closed (dead shut-off type) the flow switch switches the motor off
  • Original machines were fitted with dump guns and therefore motors had to be switched off manually, resulting in a huge wastage of water

General improvements

  • There is now a single inlet hose where the exact length is not vital. Previously there were 2 hoses which were very difficult to connect
  • No inlet manifold required making assembly of the inlet hose easier
  • Pressure control valve is fitted directly to the head of the pump avoiding the need to align the pipework
  • The electrical control box has been reduced by 9kg to make manhandling easier
  • Fewer components make assembly simpler
  • Access to components was previously obstructed by belt guards and side frames
  • All a chassis components are laser cut and CNC bent to ensure that these parts will always be compatible and standardized

Hydro Power Pack- drilling power pack

Hawk’s Hydro Power Pack delivers 80 litres per minute at 180 bar.

The Hydro Power Pack is enclosed within a robust, hot-dipped galvanized steel shell which provides protection for the system and safety for the operators. The Hydro Power Pack is designed to be compact and are shaped for ease of maneuverability over rough terrain as a key consideration. The Hydro Power Pack can be dragged to where they will be used.

Simplicity and accessibility is another fundamental factor to ensure maintenance and repairs are as uncomplicated as possible.

In view of the need to reduce national power consumption, the units are designed to decrease electricity utilization. While compressed air, with very long delivery pipes, has an efficiency of under 20%, the power packs have an efficiency of over 95%.

Key Benefits of Hydro Power Pack

  • One-piece bottom casing – when the cover shells are removed, all the electrical & mechanical equipment becomes easily accessible
  • Inter-changeable cover shells – the two lids are identical & can be refitted in any particular order.
  • Strong clips allow the covers to slide apart & be lifted off easily – no spanners needed! No bolts need to be removed to open the covers.
  • No belts & pulleys – direct coupled pump & motor easier to disassemble & reassemble. No belt alignment problems.
  • Delayed automatic start when valve is opened and instant stop when it is closed. Promotes the life span of the pump.
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Custom Design

Hawk have an enviable reputation for being able to custom design solutions for local problems. All equipment is manufactured at the Durban factory where quality and practicality are always considered. The resulting solutions are designed to be robust enough for the tough African market.

Our Guarantee

Precision engineering and the use of high quality materials have enabled Hawk in South Africa to give a comprehensive guarantee to cover their products. A full one year’s warranty covers the workmanship and materials against defects (excluding wear and tear items) on all manufactured units.

Non-foaming Oil

Hawk Non-Foaming OilHawk Oil has been developed in conjunction with a leading oil manufacturer for the Hawk range of high pressure piston pumps. The Hawk oil is non-foaming, thereby reducing the amount of bubbles in the oil, and the amount of air in the bearings. This in turn increases the lubricating properties of the oil. The lack of emulsifiers in the oil reduces its ability to become milky in humid conditions.