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Warehouse humidification installation, HP Washer Trailer with 2 hose reels


Large Pipe Pressure Tester, 500bar Sandblasting Head, Custom Trailer for Drilling Powerpacks

EF & ES Pumps from HPP, Sugar Dispensing Unit, Dust Suppression for Crushers

Compact Trailer, Air Knife, Diaphragm Pumps, Telescopic High Pressure Lance

Steerable Petrol Washer, 600bar Live Hose Reel, Hawk XXT Pumps, Conveyor Dust Suppression

Coin-operated Carwash Unit, Spray Boom for Bowling Greens, MXT Pump Range

Custom Misting & Fogging Units, Custom Spray Gun

High Volume & Pressure Skid Washer Unit, Cooling of Metals, Dust Suppression

Tsunami Airless Spray Painting Unit, 600bar Nozzles & Swivels, Wall-mounted Foaming Unit


Trailer with Foldable Boom, Trailer to Pump Diesel, VY Pumps, Sluge Pump

VY Pumps (800bar – 1000bar), Industrial Spray Nozzles, Adjustable Coating Gun

Trailer with Foldable Boom, Trailer to Pump Diesel, Custom Designed Eyewash Pedestal

Air Atomizing Nozzles, Sludge Pump, Dust Suppression misting unit, Sludge Pump, Tips for Solving Nozzle Problems

2013 in Review – Custom-made equipment


Venturi System, Paper Trim Nozzles, Debris Moving Pressure Washer

Tips for Pump Maintenance, Truck mounted Municipal Drain Cleaner, Boiler Tube Cleaning Trailer

Spray Nozzles, Drain Cleaner, VB33 Unloader for multiple guns, Hydraulic Flanges, Eco Foggers

Eco Pumps for cooling/dust suppression, 4 Pump Pressure Washer, Zero Pressure Regulator

Conveyor Washing Unit, Gearbox for Petrol & Diesel Washers, Total Stop


Improved PXI Range of 3-Piston Pumps. Airless Spray Painting Units To Clear!

Improved XLT Range of 3-Piston Pumps, Neron Hydraulic Pumps, Trade Shows

New Fogging Sprayer, 80L Foamer and solving your leaking problems


Whats more important pressure or volume?

Various new pumps, foggers and airless sprayers plus Pump check list

High Pressure Hose Boom, New Hawk 500 Bar Pump & Pressure & tip selection for your airless sprayer

Electronic powered piston airless paint sprayers

Diesel-only Hot Water Unit, Hints and Tips and a New Office for Jo’burg

New and Improved Foamer, High Pressure Nozzles & Trade Shows


New Hawk High Pressure Cleaner Launched

Trailer Units and a new Hawk Pump Range

New higher pressure pumps – Drain Cleaners – Road Marking Machines

80-250 Sewer cleaning trailer is the latest in a growing range of drain cleaners


HPP introduce new series of pumps. Cooling and humidifying systems

A range of new products in focus

New Hawk HFR series and trailer mounted drain cleaning unit launched

New range of Low Pressure Piston Pumps

New Range of Tube and Drain Cleaning Nozzles – Cooling Fog System


New Trailer pumps in Hawks Range

Hawk introduces a new “home grown” Flow Switch

A new range of Hawk stainless steel hose reels will soon be available

Trailers manufactured for a customer who required sixteen of them


Merry Christmas. We bid a sad farewell to Kevin and Peter

Stock clearance sale

New Units, Sole distributor for HPP pumps, BEE Rating

May Diesel Fired, Electric Hot Water Unit, Three Pump Unit.

New spray guns, AVI Africa Show



Monitors 40th Anniversary

RCC Pump, Spray booms

New look Hawk pump, Hawk Cool Fog, The Hopper

New EV series pump, tractor high pressure cleaner

Stain removing gun, road markers, foaming lance



Sprayers, Hoffmann petrol pumps, generators

Diaphragm pumps, valves, pneumatic pumps

Air foamers, hose brackets

High pressure washers

Penta 500 bar units, airless spray painting units

Hydraulic pumps, motors

Rotary van pumps

Airless spray tips



Hot water washers, 12000P airless paint sprayers

Petrol high pressure cleaners, car wash systems

Vacuum cleaners, clip eyelets, hot water machines

High pressure pumps, sanitizers

Bakkie mount sprayers

Decelerators for petrol units

Bumper chassis, high pressure hose

Breathing unit, safety showers

Wind jet nozzles, rotating nozzles, roof cleaners, high pressure cleaners

Undercarriage washers

Total stop, Sabrina foamers


Piston pumps

Car wash units, booms, centrifugal pumps

Textile guns

Hydra cell

Paper mill conveyor cleaning, curing compound sprayer

Dust suppression units, wall mount cleaners

Power supply timer and counter

General purpose electric sprayer


Pressure testers

Hose reels, overview


Tank and drum cleaning equipment

Sports field markers

Electric hot water high pressure cleaner, bucket cleaning unit

Safety showers, new petrol units

Water supply booster unit

Fire fighting machine, high pressure hose reels in air supply application

Plastic sports line marker, specialized pumping solutions

Sanitizing system

Thermo-protectors, high pressure power, high pressure centrifugal pump

Mini spray trailer, live stainless steel hose reel



W850 spray system

Water gun

Hotbox, circuit board

Fogging unit

Water saver

Diesel units

HS335 Unit Get More Power – Saftey Showers – Hotbox water heaters

Trailer units

Aviary sprayer

Phase protection under volt unit, quick pump primer, drum cleaning nozzle

Vapor air dust suppression unit



Foaming unit

Solenoid valves, rotating tank cleaning nozzle

Flojet vibrating pump

Hand held Whirl ways, wet sandblasting nozzle, roof cleaning

Hawk cam lock couplers

Hudson, X-pert

Unloader valves

Hands free whirl away roof cleaner

Hawk chemical supply unit, chemical applicator gun

P500 airless spray guns

Zero pressure regulator



High pressure nozzles

Submersible pumps

Hawk non foaming oil

Hawk pressure tester

Poultry houses

Roof and surface cleaners

Compressed air foaming unit, foot operated eyewash unit

Foaming lance, plastic fogging nozzles

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Custom Design

Hawk have an enviable reputation for being able to custom design solutions for local problems. All equipment is manufactured at the Durban factory where quality and practicality are always considered. The resulting solutions are designed to be robust enough for the tough African market.

Our Guarantee

Precision engineering and the use of high quality materials have enabled Hawk in South Africa to give a comprehensive guarantee to cover their products. A full one year’s warranty covers the workmanship and materials against defects (excluding wear and tear items) on all manufactured units.

Non-foaming Oil

Hawk Non-Foaming OilHawk Oil has been developed in conjunction with a leading oil manufacturer for the Hawk range of high pressure piston pumps. The Hawk oil is non-foaming, thereby reducing the amount of bubbles in the oil, and the amount of air in the bearings. This in turn increases the lubricating properties of the oil. The lack of emulsifiers in the oil reduces its ability to become milky in humid conditions.