The sludge pump is designed to remove sludge from water-borne sewerage using high pressure water only. It has no moving parts.

Sludge Pump for Sewer Cleaning

Sludge Pump for Sewer Cleaning



Nozzle Size

0° (Only)

Rated Volume

Rated Pressure

Rated Temperature

Nozzle Type



25 L/min






Sludge Pump Diagram

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Custom Design

Hawk have an enviable reputation for being able to custom design solutions for local problems. All equipment is manufactured at the Durban factory where quality and practicality are always considered. The resulting solutions are designed to be robust enough for the tough African market.

Our Guarantee

Precision engineering and the use of high quality materials have enabled Hawk in South Africa to give a comprehensive guarantee to cover their products. A full one year’s warranty covers the workmanship and materials against defects (excluding wear and tear items) on all manufactured units.

Non-foaming Oil

Hawk Non-Foaming OilHawk Oil has been developed in conjunction with a leading oil manufacturer for the Hawk range of high pressure piston pumps. The Hawk oil is non-foaming, thereby reducing the amount of bubbles in the oil, and the amount of air in the bearings. This in turn increases the lubricating properties of the oil. The lack of emulsifiers in the oil reduces its ability to become milky in humid conditions.