The Whirl-A-Way cleaning system converts your standard Hawk high pressure cleaner into an effective roof and surface cleaning machine. Capable of delivering up to 300bar pressures, they are powered entirely by the high pressure water from the Hawk high pressure cleaner and does not require any additional power or water supply.

Each Whirl-A-Way consists of two rotating flat or solid stream nozzles attached to two arms that rotate at very high speed to cover the entire area under the protective cover (where applicable). A single Whirl-A-Way can clean up to 1000m2 per day, saving man hours and money.


This general surface cleaning model is fitted with castor wheels making it extremely easy to move around and light on the operator.


Specially designed for roof cleaning this version has large wheels making it easy to use on corrugated roofs. It is available with or without handles.


Designed to wash the underbody of trucks & bakkies, it sprays water at high pressure under the vehicle, removing built-up dirt & grease.