Industrial Spray Nozzles

We offer a wide range of industrial spray nozzles to suit almost any application. They are available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, brass and plastic.

We at Hawk, are able to custom design nozzles to specific requirements.

  • Full Cone Nozzles
  • Air Atomizing Nozzles
  • Shower Disk Nozzles
  • Spiral Nozzles
  • Flat Fan Spray Nozzles
  • Scrubber Nozzles
  • Trim Jet Nozzles
  • Air Blow-off Nozzles

… and many others.

For information on our Industrial Nozzles or to have a nozzle custom designed please contact us on:

Durban: +27 31 274 8555
Johannesburg: +27 11 822 4039


Air Atomizing Nozzles for Production Line

4 Hawk air atomizing nozzles are used in a production line to spray a fine coat of glue onto the egg case. 2 nozzles spray down, while 1 nozzle is angled on either side of the egg case to finely coat the sides. The label is then stamped on to the egg case.

Dust Suppression for Quarry Crushers

This is the testing of the dust suppression system we designed for quarry crusher. A fine mist will remove the bulk of the dust created when rock is crushed at a quarry. Conveyor transfer points have a similar problem and a shroud of mist will help reduce this.