Airless Painter Sprayers

Hawk airless spray painting machines are a versatile, durable and cost effective way of applying just about any material in just about situation. They are perfect for coating large areas quickly and quietly while giving excellent coverage, saving both time and money.

Petrol and 230volt electric spray painting machines are available and both are supplied ready-to-run on a corrosion resistant stainless steel chassis.

These spray painting machines includes 10m of high pressure hose, airless gun, tip and suction system. The 230volt electric unit comes with 6m electric cable and a 230 volt plug.


  • Durable stainless steel, wheeled chassis
  • Suction system with bypass for emulsions
  • Easy to use pressure regulator
  • Suitable for water or thinners based paints
  • High pressure spray gun with all wetted parts in stainless steel
  • 10m high pressure paint hose
  • Adjustable, self-cleaning tip

Optional Extra

  • Two gun system
  • Hopper
  • Extra high pressure paint hose
  • Suction system for enamels

Painter Sprayer 4200E

Painter Sprayer 6500E

Painter Sprayer 11000E

Painter Sprayer 6500P

Electric Airless Painter Sprayers

Petrol Airless Painter Sprayers

Nozzle & Tip Selection for Spray Painting Machines

Correct adjustment of pressure and proper tip selection are crucial to the best spray pattern. In any situation the lowest pressure that gives an adequate spray pattern is the best pressure to use. It will give maximum pump and tip life and produce minimum overspray. Typically thicker materials require larger tips and higher pressures than thinner paints do. Some very thick paints may require slight thinning (5 – 10%) depending upon pump and tip size and application. Generally, thinning is performed when a good spray pattern cannot be obtained with an appropriate tip size at maximum pressure.

The pictures below illustrate some of the main “do” and “do not” methods of spraying techniques.