Hawk Hydro Power Pack

Hawk’s Hydro Power Pack delivers 80 L/min at 180 bar. The Hydro Power Pack is enclosed within a robust, hot-dipped galvanized steel shell which provides protection for the system and safety for the operators. The Hydro Power Pack is designed to be compact and are shaped for ease of manoeuvrability over rough terrain as a key consideration. The Hydro Power Pack can be dragged to where they will be used.

Simplicity and accessibility is another fundamental factor to ensure maintenance and repairs are as uncomplicated as possible. In view of the need to reduce national power consumption, the units are designed to decrease electricity utilization. While compressed air, with very long delivery pipes, has an efficiency of under 20%, the power packs have an efficiency of over 95%.

Key Benefits of Hawk Hydro Power Pack
  • One-piece bottom casing – when the cover shells are removed, all the electrical & mechanical equipment becomes easily accessible.
  • Inter-changeable cover shells – the two lids are identical & can be refitted in any particular order.
  • Strong clips allow the covers to slide apart & be lifted off easily – no spanners needed! No bolts need to be removed to open the covers.
  • No belts & pulleys – direct coupled pump & motor easier to disassemble & reassemble. No belt alignment problems.
  • Delayed automatic start when valve is opened and instant stop when it is closed. Promotes the life span of the pump.