Bespoke Designed Units

Often a high pressure pumping solution is the answer to an unusual problem. This is where a custom built machine is required. Hawk Pumps specialises in designing unique machines to solve these unique problems.


When assessing the requirements of a custom build, it is necessary to identify all the conditions of the problem. It is important to supply as much information as possible. Often an on-site visit will determine what is required. No matter how unusual the application, there will be a Hawk Pumps solution.


  • Application: What will the unit be for used for? It is important that a comprehensive brief is given on this. Sometimes a unit will be intended for dual purposes and if this is the case we would need this information to completely and accurately include all the fittings and accessories for each purpose.
  • Power Supply: This is an important consideration. If using electricity it is important to note that 230V cannot exceed 3kW (about 150bar). Over 3kW would require 380v/525v but not all sites have this power source. In such cases, petrol or diesel are alternative options. It is important to note that certain sites do not allow petrol-operated engines.
  • Mobility: Does the unit need to be mobile or stationary? We can design units on chassis from small trolleys to large trailers for mobile units and cabinets and skids for stationary units (or to be mounted on a vehicle).
  • Water Source: Not only is the availability of water important (is a tank needed) but the quality of the water is important too. The pumps are designed to pump clean water and a filtration system would need to be put in place if the water is coming from dams, rivers and boreholes etc. In some cases, specialised pumps may be needed, for example a stainless steel pumps for salt water sources.
  • Accessories: This is linked to application and to the environment in which the unit will be used. Will the unit be used indoors, outdoors, will there be enough ventilation, what are the road conditions like and will the unit need protective coverings etc.

Once the brief has been outlined, our technical sales manager will design a solution and prepare a quote with specifications outlined.

Often clients will want too much pressure or occasionally too much volume (litres per minute) for the application. Our design team has years of experience and know how to get the maximum results at cost-effective solutions.

It is also important to note that some parts may need to be specially imported and this could have an impact on cost and delivery times.


A quote with specifications will be sent outlining the solution. Upon approval and a payment of 50% deposit – manufacturing will commence.


We have an advanced team who work on our custom bespoke builds. These include welders, electricians and assemblers ensuring that each part of the custom design is manufactured and fitted to the highest possible standards and quality.

Custom Design Examples: