4 Wheel Trolley Chassis

4 Wheel Trolley Chassis

The large diesel high pressure cleaners have a 4 wheel chassis making these heavy duty washers easy to move. These diesel high pressure cleaners include a header tank with a float valve and low-level cut-out switch to protect the pump from capitation.


  • 4 wheel trolley made from 25mm mild steel which is powder coated
  • Gearbox or belt & pulley driven system
  • 3 piston pump with ceramic plungers and brass manifold
  • Diesel engine
  • 12v battery for electric start
  • Inlet suction filter
  • VBXL pressure regulating valve
  • Header tank with float valve & low level cut-out switch
  • 10m high pressure hose
  • Gun, lance & standard nozzle

Optional Extras

  • Total stop/start