Wheelbarrow Chassis

Wheelbarrow Chassis

These electric high pressure cleaners are mounted on a wheelbarrow designed for easy mobility. The “open” design of the washer enables easy accessibility for maintenance and repairs.

These of electric high pressure cleaners are ideal for industrial cleaning applications such as rust removal; paint stripping; graffiti removal; tank cleaning; removal of gum from pavements; boat cleaning & barnacle removal; workshop & factory floor cleaning; & removing mud & clay from mining; highway & construction equipment.


  • Medium wheelbarrow chassis, made from mild steel, on wheels
  • Available 380V (525V optional)
  • Three-piston pump with ceramic plungers and a brass manifold
  • Starter mounted in control box
  • 5m Power supply cable
  • Inlet suction filter
  • VBRS pressure regulating valve
  • 10m high pressure hose
  • Gun, lance and standard nozzle

Optional Extras

  • Header tank with low-level cut-out
  • Total stop/start
  • Chemical Injector