Multi-Pump Trailer

Multi-Pump Trailer

Originally designed to clean poultry houses, these multi-user trailer pressure washers are also suitable for other livestock cleaning applications. Electric, petrol & diesel options are available. Each trailer has a 500L water tank. Trailers can be configured for 2, 3 or 4 users, each user with its own pump and hose reel with 100m HP hose.

The trailers are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel. They are road worthy (but not licensed – registration papers are supplied).

Trailer Features

  • Trailer are registered & road worthy (not licensed)
  • 500L Water tank
  • 380v Electric system with 30m of 4mm 4core trailing cable for (for electric units)
  • Electric Start/Stop Box (for electric units)
  • 2m Beam wash lance (for blow down)

User Features

  • 3 piston pump with ceramic plungers & a brass manifold
  • Inlet suction filter
  • VBRS Pressure regulating valve
  • Non-live hose reel with 100m high pressure hose
  • Brass chemical dosing injector
  • Stubby nozzle & QC nipple (for washing feeders & drinkers)
  • 900mm Lance & QC nipple (for washing & sweeping)
  • Hawk gun & QC coupler
  • Foaming lance & QC nipple (for disinfecting)
  • Metering hose assembly 1:100
  • Metering hose assembly 1:200

Guns and Lances Included

From top to bottom

  1. 2m Lance for reaching areas in the roof
  2. 900mm Lance for washing walls and sweeping floors
  3. Foaming Lance for applying chemical as foam
  4. Stubby Lance for washing drinkers and feeders