Large trailers

Large trailers

Hawk’s range of large drain and sewer cleaning trailers are designed to unblock and clean tubes, drains and sewers of various diameters. The high pressure pump is powered by a diesel engine, feeds a length of hose fitted with various nozzles, which, by jetting water backwards, pulls the hose forward, cleaning the pipe as it goes.

Various hose reels, including hydraulically powered ones with forward and rewind controls, can be fitted.

Popular Models (Made to Order)

Tube, Sewer & Drain cleaning units vary from customer to customer. They are designed to suit very specific requirements and therefore there is no standard range. Other models and custom designs are available for all drain, pipe & boiler tube cleaning applications. We also manufacture skid units of the same range of trailers to be fitted onto the Customer truck, with 1000/2500/5000l tanks. These must be phoned in for quote to suit customer needs


  • Chassis is constructed from hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Trailers are registered & roadworthy (but not licensed)
  • Diesel powered – 2/3/4/5 or 6(t/c) cylinder diesel engines available 
  • Inlet suction filter
  • VRP175 pressure regulating valve
  • Polyethylene head tank with low-level cut-out
  • 100m high pressure hose, lightweight sewer hose on request
  • Fitted with hydraulically powered reels with forward & rewind controls
  • Gun, lance & standard nozzle