Virus-Fogging Sprayer

Virus-Fogging Sprayer

This is an electric cold fogging sprayer which is easy to carry and has a large capacity tank, wide straps for comfort and freedom of movement. A flexible hose is located between the nozzle and the blower housing to help direct and dispense the spray into normally inaccessible or hard to reach areas.

The applicator is useful for dispensing most chemicals which are suitable for aerosol or mist applications. This backpack sprayer is ideal for bigger jobs.


  • Stainless steel lance
  • Adjustable stainless steel cone and fine mist, to long distance stream nozzle
  • Filler filter keeps out debris
  • Left or right handed pumping
  • Includes padded straps


  • Disinfectants, deodorisers, germicides or insecticides in places such as
    • Hospitals
    • Farm buildings
    • Schools
    • Greenhouses
    • Warehouses 
  • Sprayable solutions for commercial and industrial uses