LinePro Road Marker

LinePro Road Marker

This push version road marking machine has a three wheel chassis, making it easy to manoeuvre. It has a single lockable wheel at the rear, and a shorter wheel base than the previous model, making it considerably lighter than previous models. This makes line marking up hill much easier. The unit is suitable for high viscosity line marking paints and is easy to use, affordable and durable.

This road marking machine can also be used for conventional spray painting, by simply detaching the gun from the line-marker holder. It can then be used for stencil work or any other coating application.


  • Single lockable wheel at the rear
  • Suction system with by-pass for emulsions
  • Easy to use pressure regulator
  • Removable high pressure spray gun
  • Adjustable, self-cleaning tip
  • Adjustable line spacing and width
  • Suitable for water or thinners based paints

Optional Extra

  • Bead dispenser – 8TA-BEAD-02

The bead dispenser is an optional add on to the road marking machine

Previous bead dispensers relied on gravity to distribute the reflective beads over the sprayed line. This is not ideal as the beads do not always adhere sufficiently. Hawk have therefore designed an air assisted bead “spray” which has more impact and a better, more even, distribution. A battery operated compressor does the work and veined nozzles ensure good distribution.