Sporty Field Marker

Sporty Field Marker

The “Sporty” range of field markers is the latest generation of line marking machines available from Hawk Pumps. These field markers are primarily used for sports field marking. These field markers are easy to use and durable, making them a clear winner when it comes to marking clean straight lines.

The “Sporty” is perfect for schools, sports clubs, and municipalities for applying line marking paint quickly and with the minimum of effort. The tank is pressurized using the easy hand pump (an electric version is available) and the material is applied at pressure through the nozzle. The durable all-viton equipped stainless steel compression tank is used to pressurize the paint.

Now available are 4-wheeler Sporty field markers with a choice of hand-operated or electrically operated models. These new 4-wheelers have 4 wide, white, plastic wheels as standard (inflatable tyres are optional).


  • Corrosion resistant epoxy-coated chassis
  • 3-wheel or 4-wheel field markers available
  • Manually or electrically operated field markers
  • Large wheels keep the unit stable over bumpy surfaces
  • Stainless steel tank options
  • Tank is pressurized using a hand pump, or a battery-operated for the electric version
  • Paint is applied at pressure through the nozzle
  • Easily adjustable line width using easy-to-use slide rail

Electric Version Only

  • 4hr Rechargeable battery (8-hr conversion optional) and charger
  • Compact FL22 automatic demand pump
  • 15 Litre header tank which can be tilted backwards for easy cleaning
  • Nozzle can be positioned on either side or directly in front

How to use a Sporty Field Marker


Simply pour any PVA paint into the compression tank. Add 1 part paint to 1 part water and stir. Experiment with his ration to get your preferred mix.


Pressurize the compression tank by pumping the handle unit until operating pressure is reached.


Start spraying by pulling the lever on the handlebars. By walking at a normal and consistent pace you can achieve an even and straight line.